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Ansible has the intersect filter. See Set Theory Filters. {% for host in groups['tag_function_psql'] | intersect(groups['tag_release_dev']) %} ... {% endfor %} I answered this previously on stackoverflow


You will almost certainly want to raise the keepalive timer per the ELB recommendation, because ELB reuses connections. It will hold them until the timeout expires and if another request arrives at the ELB, it will often use one of the already open connections to send it to you. 504 Gateway Timeout is an odd error for this condition but it appears that's ...


rpmbuild adds Python requiremenst automatically from the version of python used. As such, it was adding python(abi)=2.7 to the requires list of the RPM. However, when using the python27 that scl was using provides python27-python. The issue was resolved by adding the line AutoReqProv: no to the spec file in the RPM. The machine that was having the rpm ...


If you want to use Python maybe pyVmomi can help you. If it's lacking the functionality you need you can always use the SOAP based API directly. And have a look at the VMware Developer Center / VMware Sample Exchange, maybe you can find some interesting things there.


Ansible does not have a module to directly check the versions of any program. You have two options, both involving a bash command to extract the version number from the output of your scripts. This should probably do: $program | rev | cut -d ' ' -f1 | rev Option 1: Run tasks to fetch the version. Basically what you already had plus the version extraction. ...


If you don't want to request root access each time you need to install this:

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