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Yes. boto.route53.connection.create_hosted_zone() appears to be what you want.


Could 2 paths to resolution: fetch http://my.site.com/action.php directly and confirm that code execures that way. In case of some PHP issues. SELinux: if your SELinux is set to "enforcing", try temporary disabling it just to confirm that it's not in the way: "setenforcing Permissive". If that cures the issue - you know you need to adjust things. First and ...


Protecting Python code from IP theft or other snooping is next to impossible. I have researched this extensively for a product we build at my day job. If you need to protect this code, you'll either need to host it off site or port it to a compiled language.


Two things I think helped to solve this PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS = True in config.py and I removed threading from my vassal ini file the ending uwsgi files looked like this: /etc/uwsgi/emperor.ini: [uwsgi] emperor = /etc/uwsgi/vassals master = true plugins = python2 uid = http gid = http /etc/uwsgi/vassals/test.ini: [uwsgi] chdir = /srv/http/test_dir/src ...


Apparently, it's not possible. All the customization accepted by mod_wsgi is to use a specific version using virtualenv.


i was using a sqlalchemy pool of 5 without returning them correctly back to the pool. on the 5th request, the pool is depleted. the subsequent request waits for a connection until it hangs out. not a gunicorn/nginx problem.

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