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virsh -k0 start MyMachine should work for you.


Often when something reboots sporadically, it is not the OS, it is a physical problem. I'd start with the power supply. It is a good one, or cheap? Is there redundant power on the server, or is it a low-end server or desktop. Is the power overloaded? It is possible that there are a bunch of disks and those disks all spin and seek when doing backups ...


Alright. I have to answer this question before anyone else. I followed this tutorial. The key is that Changing Then it boots. Then I think I can do a lot things using qemu Here's the commands: /usr/local/src/qemu-2.6.0/bin/debug/native/arm-softmmu/qemu-system-arm \ ...


wireshark see the packet before the firewall in reception. that mean a firewall or a similar product filter your reception. (reference) the bad checksum just mean usually that tcp checksum offload is enabled on the nic. TCP checksum offloading (lots of checksum errors) There are causes where you might see lots of checksum errors. If you ...

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