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Windows Server 2003 R2 has already hit mainstream support end-of-life a few years ago, and is scheduled for complete end-of-life in a few months. I would not use it for anything, much less a router replacement. You're going to be much better off with an actual router or firewall. To answer your odd question: Yes, with the right configuration and software, ...


It's all because of net.inet.ip.dummynet.io_fast=1. This variable turned on fast packet processing: while bandwidth is not exhausted, all packets are forwarded directly through the bridge. Shaper is bypassed completely - and no packets counted in the DUMMYNET. That behaviour is intended specially for heavy loaded gateways for CPU offload for the cost of ...


Do you trust your workstations to not submit data with a fake QoS header just to get more speed? You can not avoid that but on a VLAN you can prioritize the VLAN. Also, on windows doing QoS on the workstations can be tricky ;) That said, I would say in most cases you do not even need QOS; 30 is a small number of phones and workstations.

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