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Actually, there are two components that check your quota: Postfix, the checking process was invoked when you receiving email. Courier, the checking process was invoked when you moving around the email via POP3 and IMAP. Since you mention Thunderbird who report the quota warning, then likely you haven't disabled quota checking from Courier. So, how to ...


Somewhat convoluted, but you might be able to create a 5GB partition on the local machine(s), then locally map it as the user's "my documents" directory. That way the user could never write more than 5GB. I don't know of another way to locally set a size limit at the folder level. Sort of alluded to here: ...


Well, if you have no quota compiled into kernel - you have to build your own one. There is a guide on official site : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile NB: May be you will need .config file from original kernel to just change the options regarding quota support.

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