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Put the solution by Sam Varshavchik from cross-posted question in courier-maildrop mailing list The timestamp of the existing quotawarn file gets used to determine when the 24 hours since the last warning messages has elapsed. Check the timestamp of the quotawarn file. Additionally, in order for the warning to work, of course, all mail must be ...


Windows Server supports two mutually exclusive methods for setting quotas on the amount of file system resources a user can useā€”disk quotas or directory quotas. Disk quotas were introduced in Windows 2000, and are applied to specific users and limit the amount of disk space that user can use on a particular volume. Directory quotas are applied to all users ...


In the general case, you can't increase your inode limit without reformatting. ReiserFS doesn't use inodes. Don't use ReiserFS... it's as dead as Mrs. Reiser... though I suppose she'd probably prefer Mrs. Sharanova, considering.

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