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That particular RAID controller claims 8-lane PCI Express 2.0 compliancy meaning that effectively you'll already be limited to 8 * 4 Gbs = 32 Gbs (or 4000 MB/s) regardless of what's connected to the RAID card. Each SAS SFF8088 connector will cary 4 SAS lanes over a single cable, when each link is at the maximum 6 Gbs port speed theoretically you indeed get ...


Based on my experience with similar controllers like Smart Array P420i from ProLiant ML350p Gen8 or ServeRAID M5015 SAS/SATA Controller from IBM x3560 M3 I'd say: 6Gbps per mini-SAS (i.e. 12Gbps) - best possible scenario. I have not tested two SFF8088 ports, only one, and I've hit 6 gbps limit.


There's no need for another license to enable RAID6 functionality on an HP Smart Array P42x RAID controller. It was included after a certain release of the firmware. The current controller firmware is version 6.34. You can download the firmware for this from HP. Go to http://hp.com and select "Support". Enter your product's name in the provided field... ...


It is free in the latest versions of the firmware (since 4.68). However, you may need a licence from HP to legally download the required update.

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