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The data is striped over all disks, with distributed parity. All the data should be available during the recovery. You shouldn't use RAID5 at all.


After the "btrfs device add", you will have 6 devices. Henceforth, new data will be spread over 6 disks in the RAID10 fashion. Pre-existing data will continue to be distributed over 5 disks. If you want pre-existing data to be re-distributed over 6 disks, do a "btrfs balance".


In my experience, Storage Spaces became generally usable for most workloads starting with Windows Server 2012 R2. Before then, it was only worth the effort for specific workloads, like Hyper-V storage. With R2, performance is now on-par with other off-the-shelf SAN and RAID technologies. Monitoring still leaves a bit to be desired and some features like ...

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