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Based on the further info and the fact that the raid controller doesn't have a battery installed I suggest you take a completely different path. The controller you have - B120i - is not a full hardware RAID, it's more like a hardware assisted software RAID. There is very little advantage in using these "FakeRAID" cards over pure software RAIDs. It's not any ...


A Windows client accessing a share via "CIFS" should not have a problem w/ the size. However, the "Total", "Free" and "Used" sizes reported by the Windows client may not reflect reality for a number of reasons (the server doesn't "refresh" the remote volume at the same rate as a local volume).


According to the kernel.org RAID wiki: After the new disk was partitioned, the RAID level 1/4/5/6 array can be grown that is, RAID-0 is not eligible for growing. You will need to backup all the data, recreate the array from scratch, and restore from backups.


The problem is that with the first command you create a new logical drive - when finished you will have two LDs, each containing one disk. What you need to do instead is add the unassigned disk to the original RAID0 LD and then invoke the modify command. In other words: ctrl slot=0 ld=1 add drives=allunassigned And then: ctrl slot=0 ld=1 modify raid=1 ...

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