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BTW, in the hope of helping someone in the future: I think this error was exacerbated and potentially caused by using /dev/sdX, /dev/hdX naming for my drives in my pool outside of the initial setup period. I would recommend using another naming scheme as described much better on the ZFS on Linux FAQ. For my small pool, I switched to /dev/disk/by-id/. It's ...


You've messed up... Sorry. I'd love to see the output of zpool history data. But my guess is that you wanted to add more disk space, but instead, you added a group of 6 disks in a RAIDZ2 and set it to stripe with your RAIDZ1 set. You should know that RAIDZ vdevs aren't expandable... the only way to "grow" the pool is by adding another vdev. You were trying ...

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