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Use IPsec instead, as the document recommends: "Setting up a strongly-encrypted session first (e.g. IPsec tunnel), then sending data over SSL within secure tunnel " The main reason to do this over configuring TLS for RDP is that the firewall policy is easily audited for compliance (vs proving a buch of registry changes are compliant) and IPsec is pretty ...


A UCC cert is more of a marketing term than a technically different type of certificate. A UCC cert is really just a regular X509 certificate with a bunch of SANs (subject alternative names) on it. As such, you can easily mimic the functionality of such a cert with your own internal certification authority. If you own the CA, you can have it issue ...


check firewall in guest, disable it if you could just for test.


You don't go into detail on how you're logging in but if you're copying, and pasting the password using the mouse login often fails. Your answer describes a work-around but there is a hot-fix available for Windows 7 here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2547752

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