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I have had a similar issue a while back. Ended up being that, although I was only putting in login in CoRD's dialog, it was actually sending the down-level login name (domain\login) to the server. Once I added domain\ prefix to login on RDP, it all worked. Hope this helps.


I found the problem, it was password. Password has contained some special symbols so when I typed them over Cord they were identical how I typed but when I typed over windows remote desktop, some of symbols or multiple symbols were false. Now I changed password to password without special symbols and everything is ok. Thank you all for help.


I asked in a comment about your OS, but your link specifically refers to 2008 R2 so I will assume that for now. In that case, I would recommend you open Remote Desktop Session Configuration on another machine, then right click on RD Session Host Configuration and choose Connect to Remote Desktop Session Host Server to connect to the machine running core. ...


If Server-W has RDS services you could utilise "RemoteApp" to launch applications directly - as for direct tunneling over RDP not sure that's possible.

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