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A UCC cert is more of a marketing term than a technically different type of certificate. A UCC cert is really just a regular X509 certificate with a bunch of SANs (subject alternative names) on it. As such, you can easily mimic the functionality of such a cert with your own internal certification authority. If you own the CA, you can have it issue ...


We had an issue where no one could log on as the limit was reached, so we used Remote Desktop Services Manager. That allowed us to see who was RDP in and disconnect the user who forgot to log off.


I had this exact same problem. After I deleted a Group Policy printers kept coming back all over the place. The only solution for me was: Downloading PSTools Running CMD as administrator Run the command psexec -i -s c:\windows\regedit.exe (make sure you don't have regedit open already, otherwise it gives an error) Delete all keys under ...

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