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It sounds like you were playing with Restricted Groups. If so, the group isn't restricted any more, but everyone who was in that group has been kicked out. You need to create a new GPO and apply it. Then you can log in. After you're safely logged in, you can un-apply it and make sure the group membership is what you want it to be.


It's not a flashy, but you could always run a shared session over VNC - that does allow multiple connections to share the same session and display. x11vnc is a common example which works well in this situation. Keep in mind that VNC doesn't handle encryption so running through a encrypted SSH/VPN tunnel is highly recommended.


Your VPN connection is timing out. Probably an "inactivity" setting on the firewall that is not recognizing RDP traffic as VPN activity. I've also seen where VPN is very sensitive to lost or dropped packets. While RDP is rather resilient to lost packets for some reason RDP running over VPN is overly sensitive and will disconnect often. I suggest looking ...

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