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Classic firewall issue. Microsoft RPC high ports default to tcp/49152 - tcp/65535 on Windows 7/2008. Unless you have specified a custom RPC port range. The particular RPC endpoint in question is the Service Control Manager Remote Protocol (SCMR). If you run a packet capture at the time you run the sc command, you will see the port(s) in use. First it ...


By design, you are not really supposed to be able to launch processes in other people's sessions. (To clarify, even if you are logged on interactively at a computer desktop, and also have another separate network logon to the same machine at the same time using the same credentials, those still count as two different logon sessions.) This is simply ...


You can use ssh. For example: ssh root@server -c "dpkg --get-selections" > localfile.txt


The service controller uses a dynamic RPC port, which is identified after talking to the RPC Endpoint Mapper on port 135, as mentioned by Greg Askew. Windows Firewall can be configured to allow the RPC dynamic ports through without any registry editing or RPC reconfiguration: Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Create a new inbound rule with the ...

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