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You need to link the GPO to the Domain as well. Drag your GPO to the Domain you want it to apply (ads that to the "Location")


One of the functions that gpfixup performs is to rewrite any Software Installation Policy paths that refer to domain DFS locations (as those locations will change when a domain rename occurs). It looks like something went awry when it attempted to "fix" the path in the Group Policy Object (GPO) where you install the "TeamViewer Host (MSI Wrapper)" package. ...


Barring anything else that might prevent bringing the domain up to 2012 functional levels, I would vote to bring the domain up first and then rename the domain. While renaming is supported on 2003 domain/forest functional levels, IMO it would be better to get the domain up to 2012 levels. But it isn't a requirement necessarily...you can do a domain rename ...

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