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I'm using log shipping extensively with SQL Server Standard edition. Replication also works fine with Standard edition. (Here are the SQL versions that support log shipping out of the box. Here is a less extensive chart with how the versions of SQL Server support replication.) Since you're using Express, you don't have access to SQL Server Agent, which ...


You would use it when you want complete control over the timing of replication, e.g. once a day at midnight, as opposed to continuous replication.


As above MyISAM isn't replicated. GRANT and CREATE USER and all other commands that manipulate system tables are replicated. Use them always and you'll have no troubles because of galera and you won't get stuck when/if an underlying implementation changes. You may want to use pt-show-grants from Percona Toolkit to extract your grants from one node and ...


AWS blog from late 2014 describes how this can be done: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/rds-postgres-read-replicas/


I was able to fix this problem by installing an instance of SQL Express and the replication components on the IIS Server. I'm glad it fixed it, but that step isn't on any of the checklists, which all say just to install the Connectivity Components and Management Studio.


It is in the known limitations: Currently replication works only with the InnoDB storage engine. Any writes to tables of other types, including system (mysql.*) tables are not replicated (this limitation excludes DDL statements such as CREATE USER, which implicitly modify the mysql.* tables — those are replicated). There is however experimental support ...

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