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By recommendation of the #mercurial channel, I looked at the source for the extension. And, sure enough, negation is supported with the ! operator. The solution then was a simple as: [extensions] hgext.acl = [hooks] pretxncommit.acl = python:hgext.acl.hook pretxnchangegroup.acl = python:hgext.acl.hook [acl.groups] reviewers = Max, Moritz ...


Whay I ended up doing and worked for me: yum list installed | grep @rpmforge rpm --erase --nodeps <list obtained with first command> Then disabled rpmforge repos from the config files yum install <list obtained with first command>


Use yum history list to see recent yum transactions. Use yum history info <ID> to view the details of a transaction. Use yum history undo last to revert the most recent transaction, or yum history undo <ID> to revert a specific transaction.


They are packaged by different maintainers and may conflict in the sense that they provide the same files etc, and possibly mysql rpm:s from official repos will not consider themselves upgrades of the mysql rpm:s installed from remi. I think dump the databases, uninstall all mysql rpm:s from remi repo, disable remi repo, yum clean all, install mysql from ...

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