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Environments is how this is solved. With environment you can define configurations for production, staging, ua testing, test, dev, training, etc. Explaining in depth how to do so is a bit extensive but here are some references you can read to get you started: Puppet Labs Docs - About Environements Dynamic Environments with R10K (I recommend the whole ...


I'd also recommend reprepro for that. The issue with having multiple versions available at the same time can be solved with one component per version as it's done on apt.postgresql.org instead of creating a new distribution for each release. (The PostgreSQL guys actually had the same issue and that's their solution/work-around.) (Components are "main", ...


http://http.debian.net doesn't serve directly, it just redirects you to a mirror. It tries to be smart about it and send you to a "close" one. See the actual web page at http://http.debian.net/ for details, and http://rgeissert.blogspot.co.nz/p/httpdebiannet-faq.html for some additional details. Either way, the problem is that you don't have IPv6 ...


Your local yum cache appears to be out of date. Run yum clean all and then try again. Or it could be that the repository is broken. In that case you'll need to contact the repository maintainer.

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