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That is a valid concern, however the client side is also an issue. The clients also cache the repo information. This means you can still have problems when a client tries to update when the repo has changed, but the client hasn't updated its local cache information yet. So you end up running yum clean all anyway to force them to update their local cache. ...


Found it myself. My guess was right. Just go to "Import Existing Repository" >> "Copy repository from another location". The select the old repository name and click "Next". Done


This is already answered over on askubuntu: The basic steps are: create a directory for the repo copy in the package files Generate Release and Packages files (optional but much better for security since it means you won't have to use --allow-unauthenticated ever ...


You should see if /etc/yum.repos.d/CenOS-Base.repo file exists If it does then I would reference the following to see if there is anything inside of the base repo file that may cause a error. Otherwise if the file does not exist, I would create the file with these settings to see if it will work for you. # CentOS-Base.repo # # This file uses a new ...

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