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As steps on MySQL Reference Manual are not very clear, I am trying to answer here in easier language. (this answer is relevant to MacBook OSX users): As we don't know current password, MySQL server needs to run skipping/bypassing current login credentials. Instruct MySQL server to skip access grants table by: Stop your MySQL server (if it is already ...


User manual for PDUMV30HVNET Assuming this is your unit, there looks like a little reset button above the Config port. Barring that working (try holding it in with a paperclip for 20 seconds), you should be able to connect a console cable into that Config port, and connect using a terminal. Details: Use the console cable. Plug into a machine and ...


The reset pin on that unit is near the panel with the Ethernet and Serial interfaces. See the manual. If you previously had connectivity to the unit, you can also do this from the web and serial interfaces. But in the end, it's a PDU. Is there any company-specific information contained within?

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