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I don't know if you use Linux much, but for this scenario I use a Linux live DVD, boot to it, then gzip the entire raw hard drive image (such as /dev/sda) onto external storage. If you want to restore the server later, you do the reverse, overlay the system image over the hard drive. We could go into the specifics if this approach is interesting to you.


It appears some of the other solutions won't work if the configuration files of the package are managed with ucf. In this case you can useĀ : UCF_FORCE_CONFFMISS=1 apt-get --reinstall install [pkgname]


Yes, you should re-implement/re-install a legacy backup solution, just because different backup solutions use different backup formats and simply unable to read any other ones (not native to them). It's true unless legacy backup was NT backup which backup files some of modern solutions still can read.


I don't know anything about Veeam or VRanger/HP Data Protector but I wouldn't expect them to be compatible unless Veeam made specific statements about it. Even if Veeam made those statements I would certainly have tested the claim before I needed to use it. The last time I switched backup products I kept my legacy solution available until the retention ...

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