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It's become default behaviour starting since version 1.9.13 To change it back manually you can use: proxy_next_upstream error timeout non_idempotent;


You should be using fastcgi cache, not the proxy cache, unless you have a really good reason to be using a proxy cache. I have a tutorial that addresses exactly what you're trying to do, you can read it here, and it has downloadable configuration files. You have to have mod_headers built into Nginx to control headers. My tutorial covers that. SF prefers ...


You misunderstand the "lack" of SNI support. First, nginx is generally fine for "wildcard" SSL setups. The support issue is in older clients (i.e. browsers), which are not capable of handling SNI.


Basically there are three big steps in your workflow Encryption and decryption process either by STARTTLS or SMTPS Authentication process i.e. to check if you allowed to do SMTP transaction SMTP Transcription (MAIL FROM, RCPT TO and so on) As far as I understand, you want to use nginx to do step 1, and transparently pass the rest of the transaction to ...

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