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solution 1 : as per comment, use pvmove (you might be at risk during migration). solution 2 : lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg_ap01/lv_ap01 /dev/mapper/mpath19 /dev/mapper/mpath20 ... then lvreduce -m 0 /dev/vg_ap01/lv_ap01 /dev/mapper/mpath1 /dev/mapper/mpath2 ... where -m specify number of mirror /dev/vg_ap01/lv_ap01 is the logical volume disks are to be ...


For the new CentOS 7 AMI, the only way I could get a static hostname set was by commenting out the lines: - set_hostname - update_hostname in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg. The comment character for YAML is #. This is in addition to setting the hostname normally.

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