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Will Ansible prevent the execution of rm -rf / in a shell script? I did inspect the coreutils rm source, which has the following: if (x.recursive && preserve_root) { static struct dev_ino dev_ino_buf; x.root_dev_ino = get_root_dev_ino (&dev_ino_buf); if (x.root_dev_ino == NULL) error (EXIT_FAILURE, errno, ...


I have virtual machines, let's blow a bunch of them up! For science. [root@diaf ~]# ansible --version ansible config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg configured module search path = Default w/o overrides First attempt: [root@diaf ~]# cat killme.yml --- - hosts: localhost gather_facts: False tasks: - name: Die in a fire command: ...


The command rm -fr does not do anything. The command that deletes a folder is rm -rf /path/to/folder.

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