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Most likely not - direct usage of Volume ID's is typically not supported. You could always start with a MountVol.exe command to map to a drive, then proceed from there.


I'm not aware of a switch in robocopy to do that, but you can test for the file, and invoke robocopy with different options to accomplish that result: if not exist x:\user1\file1.txt Robocopy "C:\logon" "X:\user1" /mir /r:1 w:1 if exist x:\user1\file1.txt Robocopy "C:\logon" "X:\user1" /mir /r:1 w:1 /xf file1.txt


Robocopy and xcopy do not encrypt their connections. You can, of course, run them over a VPN connection or something like that.


You can read more about robocopy syntax : set _src="C:\dir1" set _dst="C:\dir2" set _option=/E /B /MIR set _xf="C:\dir1\subdir\*.ext" robocopy %_src% %_dst% %_option% %_xf%


You need to create folder list file copy this script and save as BAT/CMD file: for /f "tokens=*" %%a in (list.txt) do robocopy "%_source%\%%a" "%_dest%\%%a" /E /SEC /Copy:DATSOU /log:c:\logfile.txt


robocopy Q:\ F:\Dopbox "Microsoft" /MT:128


I'm using Windows 7 and defining this parameter resolved this problem for me :) /COPY:DTO

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