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This is a Red Hat Software Collection. It's meant to live outside the normal filesystem locations so as to not conflict with original system packages (in this case, the original MySQL 5.1). This means that, yes, you have to perform additional steps to use the software. See the documentation for complete details on how to use Software Collections.


On RHEL /usr/bin/java is a symlink to /etc/alternatives/java which is managed by alternatives. There is not a single package that provides /usr/bin/java. If you want to look for packages that contain Java, use yum whatprovides '*/java'


I'm guessing the machine you're using also has the puppetlabs repo installed in /etc/yum.repos.d/? If you remove it from there (and flush the yum cache), do you still see this issue? I would suspect you're going to want to give reposync an entirely new yum.conf (via --config), specifying a different cache directory then the normal system one.


Is there a mechanism built into rpm or apt that will warn (or prevent) a user from installing a package contains a known security threat? No. Knowing this kind of thing is part of the job of being a professional systems administrator. I don't expect (or want) my tools to spoon-feed me. Nor do I want them to prevent me from doing something destructive ...


Normally I have a list of files that I want to verify. So here's a simple bash alias that does more or less what you want: dpkg-verify() { exitcode=0 for file in $*; do pkg=`dpkg -S "$file" | cut -d: -f 1` hashfile="/var/lib/dpkg/info/$pkg.md5sums" if [ -s "$hashfile" ]; then rfile=`echo "$file" | cut -d/ -f 2-` ...


The answer is not as simple as sticking an RPM with a newer revision in the repo. There are things to be done on the server side and on the client side. Server Side Copy RPM to repo cd /path/to/repo createrepo --update . This will update the repo's database to include the new RPM sudo chmod -R ugo+rX /var/www/html/repo/ This will make the new RPM visible ...

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