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yum repositories have XML metadata which describes each package available in the repository. In your repository, you likely have something like the following: <package type="rpm"> <name>myrpm</name> <version epoch="0" rel="SNAPSHOT20141201085055" ver="0.10.6"/> <!-- other fields here --> <location ...


Include .i686 along with the package name to install the 32bit package. To install the 64bit package you would use .x86_64. yum install gcc.i686


You may be past this issue, but I wanted to update with the method that worked easily for me. Here was my situation: I was building several python27 SCL RPMs from downloaded egg files using a script to do everything - side note: This was how I pulled in all of the dependencies for our Python Django web app and is run from within the Atlassian Bamboo plan ...

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