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Solved this by creating a static route in the router like this: MASK


No idea what happened (I mean I'm a guy that can format re-install until he gets it right) but I managed to get DHCP and DNS servers to install and not bug me about domains or certificates or anything it's working now! Hallelujah All I can suggest is if you are having the same issues as me just make sure you don't do anything even remotely close to domain ...


What you should do is actually add this as a static route on your gateway instead of configuring it at each servers.


High level principe If your wireless network is a network considered as "external network", allowing users to connect at your environment with RDP protocol, the network connected to the WIFI router must be configured as Proxy in RRAS console. Furthermore, for access from Internet at your environment, you must activate the VPN/SSL on your gateway and ...

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