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Resolving servername and servername.companydomain.local involve two different mechanisms for name resolution. Resolving servername.companydomain.local is easy assuming that DNS is configured correctly and that the VPN client has been assigned the correct DNS servers. The VPN client queries the DNS server for a fully qualified domain name for which the DNS ...


It turns out that what I really wanted to do was: PS C:\>set-vpnconnection "Connection Name" -DnsSuffix companydomain.local as the DNS was coming from corporate DHCP. But this does not answer my original question. If I were using a static IP VPN then I would still have to somehow set the DNS.


The reason is that packets are properly routed to the on premises machines, but those same machines do not know where to send their answers back to Azure clients. Correct, yes. But that does not mean you have to configure the route on every machine. I just had the exact same issue and I solved it like this: Environment: 1 Azure Subscription with 1 ...

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