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I got the answer from the EJBCA mailing list and I also grabbed info in the source code. Maybe it could be of some help to someone else, so I'll paste here the answer. The underlying method used by EJBCA to generate private key is via the Java class java.util.Random and the class In EJBCA code, the key are generated by ...


48)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:8443 means that there is something listening on that port on the localhost interface. Apache is probably not stopped, so it cannot start either. Try stopping it, if that does not work or you cannot get it to stop, try rebooting your mac osx host.


I think keychain is trying to be more secure than the program for which it is a helper (ssh). As of my current version of OpenSSH, it is possible to add a private key to ssh-agent with ssh-add without having the public key file. After you do this, you can see if it succeeded, as ssh-add -l will also list the private key file name. ssh will use the cached ...

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