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You are using a customized path for your log file, so selinux is blocking you. Try to issue setenforce 0 and to restart rsyslog. If it now work, it is confirmed that your problem was selinux. To permanently correct that while continue to use selinux, you need to issue semanage fcontext -a -t var_log_t '/opt/rsyslog(/.*)?'; restorecon -RF /opt/rsyslog ...


The messages aren't starting with iptables-denied: because [221395.082051] is actually part of the message. The kernel can be configured to produce log messages with or without a time stamp indicating how many seconds after boot a particular message was produced. Once the message reaches syslog there is no longer any knowledge of the structure of the ...


Well this wasn't easy to fix, was done by mostly experimenting: Only the: access_log syslog squid cache_log syslog squid Directives in the config are working and even they will produce the same error at the start of Squid 3: ARNING: Cannot write log file: syslog syslog: Permission denied messages will be sent to 'stderr'. Anything else, ...


You can always use the old syntax: eg. /etc/rsyslog.d/11-your-file.conf $ModLoad imfile $InputFileName /app/your-file.log $InputFileTag your-tag $InputFileStateFile your-tag $InputFileSeverity info $InputFileFacility local7 $InputRunFileMonitor $InputFilePersistStateInterval 1000 local7.* @@remote-rsyslog-server:port

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