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Found the solution, it actually was an issue with the metatags and not the configurations of the server nor SSL. Made some changes in the and tags as suggested in this link.


The issue was a mixed issue. It was performance on the VPS both also on index on mongodb. I added correct index and it fix some of the issue but had still some slow queries due to the slow CPU. So moved to a dedicated server and everything got fixed, answering under 80 ms now, instead for 22 sec. The VPS was overloaded with clients so my CPU was 60-70% ...


Usually in Docker the preferred way to deploy an application in a container is by a dockerfile, that can replace the role of a capistrano script, mainly running commands on the container (install packages, perform git clone, start services and applications and so on). You define a dockerfile with a base image container and a list of commands to execute and ...


ActionMailer was changed to a more secure default configuration and checks the server certificate in TLS mode (since version 2-something or 3). Some solutions are: Restore the old Rails behaviour in the app: add openssl_verify_mode: 'none' to the Rails config Disable TLS on the server: set smtpd_use_tls=no in your Postfix config Set up valid TLS ...

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