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A very simple setup is to use Phusion Passenger (a web application server capable of running any Ruby rack application, which works both standalone or as an apache/ngix module) + rack server pages gem (which is a small rack application allowing you to serve simple HTML pages with embedded Ruby code). Using Passenger in the standalone mode, you only need to ...


After some facepalming, it seems you have to restart the puppetmaster after EVERY change you make to a custom function, even though, the changes are sent to the agent, after EVERY change. Misleading to say the least.


It's so easy for Devs to switch rubies, so ruby developers tend to use the last shiny thing that came out the month that they starts coding something. Also ruby is so active and so young that there's plenty of stuff that just don't work with the default packaged ruby. So you can ask your Devs if they can keep things running with the Debian default's ruby ...


You have not set passenger_ruby correctly. passenger_ruby /usr/local/lib/ruby; This is meant to be set to the Ruby binary itself. But you have set it to a directory. Change it to the location of your ruby interpreter.

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