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In 12.9.38 the ability to notify from a sub-resource-collection / use_inline_resources provider to an outer resource_collection was added by: This is now the default behavior of notifications so you should only need to upgrade.


From : General syntax of maillog The following line represents the basic format in which information is logged into maillog: Jan 2 11:15:39 tmcent01 postfix/smtpd[17397]: connect from unknown[] As you can see, the first section (in bold) indicates only the date and time in which the event ...


This may be related to incorrect ami for the region#101. This has been fixed in the recent vagrant-aws, so please upgrade your gems via: vagrant plugin update or apply the patch from the pull request by the following steps: cd ~/.vagrant.d/gems/gems/vagrant-aws-*/ patch -p1 <(curl ...


You can create a new time object with the timestamp and the subtract the time taken like this['@timestamp_adj']) - (event['timetaken'] / 1000)

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