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Increasing RAM solved the problem.


Elastic IPs working By default, instance in the VPC will only get an IP from a private subnet within the VPC, usually somewhere in the subnet. This means that while those instances can access other instances within that same subnet, they won’t be able to connect to the wider internet. One way to give every machine access is to setup a NAT ...


I had the same error on a CentOS 6 system. It turns out that I needed to install an additional repository as described in the installation guide for the foreman: http://theforeman.org/manuals/1.5/index.html#3.3.1RPMPackages All RHEL and derivatives require Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) 1.0 or rebuild, e.g. Software Collections for CentOS. RHSCL ...


check the zombie process ps aux | grep unicorn if it is kill the master process by kill -9 processid try to install it again. i hope it will help

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