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The fix was to map the volume correctly in the docker compose file. db: image: postgres api: build: ./api command: bundle exec rails s --port 3000 --binding ports: - "3000:3000" links: - db volumes: - ./api:/myapp


This is for Capistrano 3. You can use the "official" Capistrano recipe for Puma. https://github.com/seuros/capistrano-puma It has monit scripts built-in to monitor puma server processes. Just include require 'capistrano/puma/monit' in your Capfile. And run cap <stage> puma:monit:config . That's it.


This issue was due to process taking lots of time itself while running. Due to which passenger was unable to serve. I replaced passenger application server with thin server. I started multiple instances of thin. Now everything is perfect up and running. Thanks.


Just configure bind on localhost. You will have to add a forward zone for the .consul zone (port 8600 by default), see: https://www.consul.io/docs/agent/dns.html Be sure that your server has access to the Internet (udp and tcp port 53, and icmp). Then you can safely remove the part in your /etc/resolv.conf.


Maybe I understood the problem (I hope). I think that you can fix this playing with a custom Bind DNS configuration, using a private "fake" zone and internet zone together and fixing a proper TTL in order to have more speed for response time using cache DNS engine. Hope it helps! Regards.


Permission denied - /var/lib/tomcat8/enterprise/ROOT/WEB-INF/log and Errno::EACCES: Permission denied - /var/lib/tomcat8/enterprise/ROOT/WEB-INF/log I would work on clearing those first. Who knows it may solve the problem. Perhaps mkdir -p /var/lib/tomcat8/enterprise/ROOT/WEB-INF/log would be a place to start


http://www.pushmon.com/cms/sample-code For PushMon to work, you need to access the PushMon URL on a regular schedule. This means you will most likely need to make some code or script changes on your end. For example, if you want PushMon to monitor your Bash script, call the PushMon URL at the end of Bash script. Below you will find sample code ...


Edit: complete rewrite due to down-voting but without more information I'm not sure what exactly I'm correcting so here is working code that can be copied and pasted. Assuming contents of properties file placed in /tmp/versions.properties and looks like the following: apache=2.4.7-1ubuntu4.8 php=5.4.3 sendmail=1.2.3 Chef Cook book # Copy a file with ...


Sorry, I fixed this, I didn't search enough or read enough. I had to update the gem file and run the bundle update.

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