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When not using a domain, the LocalSystem account can access network resources only with anonymous credential. In other words, it will not present named credential to the remote samba server.


Microsoft documented most of the internals of this in [MS-SAMR]. Here are some definitions from that document: account: A user (including machine account), group, or alias object. Also a synonym for security principal or principal. alias: An alternate name that can be used to reference an object or element. alias object: See resource group. ...


On Windows clients folder targets in a DFS share indeed have a folder shortcut icon if said folders have targets. So nothing odd. As you didn't mention it may it be a permission problem? If I understand your setup correctly your try to access \myworkdfs\test2\footage, right? Is footage also shared via SMB/samba?


Welcome to the club. Getting domain joins to work can be a black art, sometimes... Samba needs an OS-level user for the machine, too. This user needs to have the format name$, where name is the machine name which you're trying to join, and $ is exactly that -- a dollar sign. If you use winbindd this happens automatically, but if you don't then you need to ...

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