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Just using disable netbios = yes in your config file won't stop the nmbd from running from the init.d script. You need to manually comment out the nmbd options from the script after killing nmbd because nmbd will start again after restarting samba services or a reboot. You can check if netbios isn't running any more by using the following command: netstat ...


You have a routing problem. Consider this: your RPI (192.168.0.x) does know nothing about the existence of another LAN (192.168.1.x). How can you inform it that another LAN exists right next to it? Answer: by using a route, which is a very specific piece of information stating how a particular subnet/host can be reached. In your example, your LAN ...


You can achieve this by using AFS [OPEN AFS] which supports client-side caching Links on How to Open AFS Linux file sharing protocols


I am using this configuration [public] comment = Public Folder path = /home/public public = yes writable = yes create mask = 0777 directory mask = 0777 force user = nobody force group = nogroup and in case mySystemUser = myWindowsUserName [mySystemUser] path = /usr/share/mySystemUser/ browseable = no writeable = yes create ...

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