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There's powershell: Add-DnsServerResourceRecordA You can run that from your local machine. Additionally, for one A record, you don't have to use Remote Desktop to use the GUI tools. Pretty much anything that works as a snap-in to the Management Console (including the GUI Windows Server DNS tools) supports running over a network. The first thing you ...


The SMB service is most likely not enabled which means that after each reboot you will need to manually start it. To enable the service so that it survives a reboot execute the following: systemctl enable smb


The DNS resolving does not seem to work. Add the first three triplets instead of a domain as the hosts allow: hosts allow = 10.234.56 restart samba and try again to login. If DNS needs to be used then some additional configuration is required in Samba: dns proxy If you want the domain name service (DNS) to be used if a name isn't found in WINS, ...


This is due to SELINUX. Try putting it in permissive mode, issuing setenforce 0 and test if Samba now works. If it works and you want to refine your configuration, you can tag /var/www with the public_content_rw_t label and re enable selinux with setenforce 1 For more information, see here


As I am also using some cifs mounts on our systems and we recently got some networking issues in our company, I can say that it does reconnect. Otherwise all my shares and systems wouldn't work anymore. Maybe others experienced other behaviour, but my shares always reconnected.


As per the smb.conf manual page, unix extensions is a global parameter - you cannot set it per share. By default wide links (a per-share parameter) is disabled if unix extensions is enabled, but you can disable the link between the two options by using the allow insecure wide links option: Setting allow insecure wide links to true disables the link ...


if you can't access two users, one for a regular user and the other for a root, you need to alias the netbios in smb.conf file so that windows sees them as two servers. Then access each with a different user id. You may also add to the windows' host file the same server's ip with different names. The issue is with Windows that can only allow one user at a ...

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