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There is a configuration option lastlog for /etc/squid/sarg.conf that allows you to specify how many days worth of logs to keep e.g. lastlog 45 to keep 45 days worth of logs. The default is 0 which means keep all logs. # TAG: lastlog n # How many reports files must be keept in reports directory. # The oldest report file will be automatically ...


For IM you might use Imspector - goes a bit beyond what you want, but can easily log "chat volume". SmoothWall (Bias disclosure: I work for these guys) put it all together in one package - it will cost money, but save you a bunch of time. Imspector is maintained and part funded by SmoothWall.


Not sure about the over all site monitoring, but as you try an monitor one chat system once people figure out you are they'll just move to another one. Or move to a secure one like skype you can't monitor. So I don't think that a battle you can win, from a monitoring standpoint. Though you could do this. Block all external access to IM services Setup ...

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