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No. There are no performance differences with that disk type/speed/capacity. Perhaps with an SSD, but for your 7,200/10,000 RPM use case, no. The SAS specification has a roadmap and the connection fabric is changing while the drive mechanics remain much the same.


Dual-ported SAS disks are not intended for performance, but rather resiliency when used in multipath SAS array configurations (e.g. external JBOD or SAN situations). For single server or internal storage purposes, there's no benefit or gain achieved by using both ports. If you need better storage performance, please scale with disk count, RAID controller ...


Yes, enterprise SAS disks spin at a fixed rotation speed. They will not go into power or energy-saving modes like certain consumer drives.


I don't have any 12-bay servers to test with right now, but understand that there's an expander backplane in between your disks and your controller. From the HP SSA utility: Enclosure SEP (Vendor ID HP, Model DL18xG6BP) 248 Device Number: 248 Firmware Version: 2.20 WWID: 50001C1071540013 Port: 2I Box: 1 Vendor ID: HP ...


The connector style (SATA vs SAS) doesn't affect the protocol they speak, this confused me at first too. The big difference is that SAS style has the power combined with the data into a single connector, whereas SATA style separates the power/data connector. There are some other slight difference but they're not important for this. According to the Newegg ...

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