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Brands and specific models of the equipment involved are ALWAYS appreciated. However, you'll be fine. The SATA 3.0 protocol is backward compatible with previous generations. The drives will link at their respective disk/backplane speeds.


Current USB over IP implementations supports only USB 2.0 speed, and in my opinion isn't very fast and reliable. If you need a robust way to connect HDDs over network, you should look for some SAN (provides block storage)/NAS instead (provides network filesystem), depending on your needs. Most SAN and NAS hardware comes with hot-swap bays.


This has nothing to do with ethernet. Your HP ProLiant DL360 is NOT a blade server either. DO you know the generation of your DL360 server? Is it a G5, G6, G7 or Gen8? Most of that product line has two PCIe slots. That's your expansion option for the platform. If you don't have any free PCIe slots, then you don't have any options to accommodate this ...


Will this controller be equivalent as the board controller Yes. In short terms will I be able to boot without any issue my machine from a disk connected on the PCI-E controller? You should be ok yes, no promises because of potential disk controller incompatibilities but often this will work. Do I need to re-install the OS (Windows Server) or ...

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