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The solution (see this technet thread) is to manually download and install the superseded prerequisite patch KB291442. Once KB291442 is installed, all subsequent updates should install through the usual SCCM Software Update deployment method. To streamline this workaround a bit more, I packaged the prerequisite patch KB291442 as a SCCM application and ...


The only thing I'll add to Hopeless' answer is that if you sysprep w/ SCCM there's a task sequence step to prep the configMgr client for capture, which presumably handles clearing that stuff. This allows you to keep the client installing on your gold image which is MS best practice, that way if an image fails midway, at least the client is installed and the ...


Yes, having a cloned machine will cause problems with both SCCM and (WSUS) updating. The issue with duplicate client UUID/GUIDS is discussed in this technet blog here. Because this is generated at install time, you should not clone a machine with an SCCM client installed, so uninstall it before cloning, and install it on the clone after completing a ...


Found it, it's under Attribute Class: Desktop Monitor Attribute: Description I had to create a Join on the System Resources/Desktop Monitor ResourceID to get the System Resources Name attribute to tell which computers the monitors are connected to

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