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AFAICT there's no such option (in 2003 servers). The closest thing is running the task when the creating user is logged in. You better use the Run reg key (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run).


I'm responding to an old post in case it helps someone else. I had the same issue. The event log said the program completed normally, but not even the first line of code would write to the log for me. It ended up being the "Start In" option in the Task Scheduler. It occurred to me that the program ran fine from the command line when I was in the current ...


I got problem when running the script in D drive. example: The file was not moved to backup folder even it is clearly specified the directory drive. However when I specified parameter in Start In as D:\ script work well.


My experience is that, regardless of how the fault arises, this fault can be overcome by un-checking the condition "start only if the following network connection is available". If you are on a broadband always-on connection, it should not be necessary to test for the presence of the internet connection.

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