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If doing it in two steps is not a problem, you can use scp to copy the file from the remote server, and then execute ssh -e "rm /path/to/file" to remove from disk. When moving files especially between machines things may go wrong, so it may be good to perform the copy and the delete separately, and only remove the file when you know for sure that it has been ...


If the servers are world wide (i.e. not on your local 10 Gbps network), then might be a solution, too.


BitTorrent or other peer to peer file sharing. May be some work setting up the tracker, but it will use every host's upload. You will need to test to see what is faster in your environment.


I have found the problem. From server 1 I was using scp /storage/somefile root@server2domain:/storage instead of using the ip. The weird thing is that it worked for over 6 months and it stopped working yesterday out of the blue.

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