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It is not clear which operating system you are using. I have tested your specific command on two different versions of Linux, and each of them gave me an error message: RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument If you have found a system that will actually allow you to set the MTU to 0, I would consider that a kernel bug. It is however plausible that systems ...


Connect to the console and change the MTU back. If you've not got console access, then reboot the server.


If you disabled root login, you're not going to be able to login as root (which includes scp). Try undoing that step.


Just get rid of the continue command, it's not needed. Leave the ;;, though -- that's how the end of a case is indicated. The purpose of continue is to skip the remainder of a loop body, and start the next iteration. It has no meaning outside a loop, so you get this error. This isn't like C/Javascript/PHP -- you don't need a special statement at the end of ...


I can see three ways to achieve this: 1. You can run scp on A and instead of having it just ssh to another host and run scp there, you have it ssh to B and on B run another ssh command to connect to C and run the server side scp there. It appears scp does not have an option to specify how to invoke scp on the remote side, however it does have an option to ...

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