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It doesn't really matter if screen itself is multithreaded. The work it does is really lightweight and you would likely need quite a lot of screen windows to create a noticeable impact. However, every screen window will create at least one new process (not a thread) to run the program it displays. These processes might or might not be multithreaded ...


It looks like I just have to add: TERM=vt100 to my cronfile. Ouch. All working now.


Put the ACLs in a seperate screenrc and load that with -c: e.g.: /opt/multi-screen-rc multiuser on acladd user1 acladd user2 Then run like this: screen -c /opt/multi-screen-rc -dmS MySession /usr/bin/foo bar baz


why do you need "screen" in automated tasks ? if you add your task to /etc/crontab (or the personal crontab with "crontab -e" command) and you have the local MTA configured properly to send status mails to your admin, you should be able to achieve that repetitive automatic task including any output+errors without screen at all. if you need to start scripts ...

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