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Do a screen -ls. It's going to explicitly indicate Attached versus Detached status. Example attached: $ screen -ls | grep tached 3132.pts-0.esavo00 (Attached) Example detached: $ screen -ls |grep tached 3132.pts-0.esavo00 (Detached)


screen -ls shows the sessions, and there are windows (also called "screens") inside the session that can be scrolled by CTRL-A N or listed by CTRL-A w or CRTL-A "


Had the same issue (no more custom prompt in screen) on a machine with SHELL -$SHELL and no setenv PS1 in screenrc, and no special test for (dumb) terminal in bashrc. Setting the used $TERM: $ echo $TERM urxvt-unicode-256color in screenrc got my custom prompt back while under Screen: - #term xterm-256color + term urxvt-unicode-256color PS: another ...

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