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That is my screenrc for many years, enjoy: startup_message off deflogin off nethack on vbell off msgminwait 0 msgwait 10 log off backtick 1 0 0 hostname caption splitonly "%?%F%{= yk}%:%{= Kk}%? %n %t%=" hardstatus alwayslastline "%{= rY} %1` %{= bw} %-w%{= Yk} %n %t %{-}%+w %=%{c} %l %{= bY} %0c " ...


You have to press <CTRL-A> <A> <CTRL-D> sequentially. <CTRL-A> <A> sends control symbol to the inner screen while <CTRL-A> - to the outermost one.


I am using a wrapper function around screen for the user(s) that I sudo su to. This is the wrapper function that I've added to the user(s) ~/.bashrc: function screen() { /usr/bin/script -q -c "/usr/bin/screen ${*}" /dev/null } This allows me to use all of the options and parameters for screen that I might want to use. I am contemplating on putting this ...


Position where these two statuses are displayed depends on your configuration. But the logical meaning of them is as follows: The hardstatus line is used for status messages from screen - for example to alert you to activity, or other similar messages. The caption line is usually only shown if there is more than one window open, and allows you to view ...


If the script terminates, the screen session will terminate as well. That is most likely what is happening. Inserting a command in the script to touch a new file somewhere could confirm that the script is actually being started.

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