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This has definitely been. covered. here. before. The short answer is that it does not make sense to pursue this in any way today. It's irresponsible to consider keeping a 10+ year-old server on life-support in this manner. The historical context is that the industry moved away from Parallel SCSI (U320) to SATA and SAS beginning in 2004. New servers ...


Realistically speaking, you're doing your employer a disservice trying to drag a machine with such old technology into the future. It's time to buy a new machine. By the time you spend the time cobbling together this bespoke solution you'll have spent more of their money than just buying a new machine. You're also leaving a major headache for the next person ...


Passing the "nompath" option to the boot kernel (anaconda) solved my problem, as apparently the mpath recognition was a false positive. Once I did that, everything proceeded normally, with individually addressable drives. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda_Boot_Options

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