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FYI the same server type can have different backplanes for a server model, in your case you have a SCSI Backplane as the guys have already told you. Unfortunate mistake. little point buying the adapters as they won't fit in your hotswap environment, just buy the SCSI drives those SSDs will come in handy later..


There are products for this but they are converters not adapters so are higher priced. One example is: ARS-2320S Ultra320 SCSI-to-SATA II Hard Disk Drive non Hot SWAP As mentioned by others your server and old drive use the SCA 80 pin connector which pre-dates SATA/SAS and was used to provide hotplug support for SCSI drives.


Oh my... What the heck are you trying to do?!? This is a bit of a square-peg in a round-hole issue. SCSI is not SATA or SAS. Your Dell server is a PowerEdge 1850, which featured parallel SCSI (Ultra-320 SCSI) drives. These disks connected to an 80-pin SCA connector on the drive cage backplane. SATA and Serial-Attached-SCSI (SAS) superseded the old ...


I've got a NeXTStation slab, and I'm trying figure out why it doesn't boot. I removed the drive from the NeXTStation and installed it in old PC (IBM Z Pro) with an onboard UltraWide SCSI controller. I found an adapter which converts from the 80-pin UW-connector to the old style 50-pin connector used by SCSI-1 drives. Other obvious choices could be digging up ...

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