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I've since played around a bit and found the answer. There are 4 possible values for event audits: 0 = No auditing 1 = Success 2 = Failure 3 = Success, Failure I hope this one day provides someone with a quick answer!


You should expect a service to have an SSAE 16 audit annually. While this isn't a strict requirement of the standard, regulatory requirements change, new technology is added to the environment, etc. An out of date report may not be useful. While we will stop short of calling it an annual "requirement", customers and other intended users of SSAE 16 Type ...


Which version of SCOM are you using? In my 2007 install, its a view not a table. Use adtServer.dvAll5 which contains only the first 5 event params, or adtServer.dvAll which has ALL params, but it slower.

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