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Product or service recommendations are off-topic for this site. Having said that, I would like to speak to your paragraph: Our cloud provider has made our server vulnerable temporarily (a shame: the firewall stopped working, opening very sensitive and easy to exploit ports to the outside world). At least we would like to be alerted for such things, and ...


For starters, it doesn't take much at all to tie ip a t1.micro instance - if you want the instance to do anything meaningful, you want to be using a larger instance type. As for blocking requests - you will not be able to drop traffic using the instance's security groups, as it lets you allow traffic, not drop it. You can run a local iptables firewall on ...


.google_authenticator in your home directory should list the rescue codes. Just add new ones.


$outfile = 'Groups.csv' $groups = Get-ADGroup -Filter * -SearchBase "OU=customOU,DC=panic,DC=org" foreach ($group in $groups) { Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $group | Select name, objectClass, @{Expression={$group.Name}; Label='Group'} | Export-CSV -Path $outfile -NoTypeInformation ` -Encoding ...

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