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Use the following command to get the particular range of lines awk 'NR < 1220974{next}1;NR==1513793{exit}' debug.log | tee -a test.log Here debug.log is my file which consists of a lacks of lines and i used to print the lines from 1220974 line number to 1513793 to a file test.log. hope it ll helpful for capturing the range of lines.


You don't because your sed string doesn't have to be quoted, and in fact, on the remote server, it's not quoted. What's passed as argument to your ssh command looks like this: for user in $(/bin/ls -A1 /var/cpanel/users) ; do if grep -q RS=paper /var/cpanel/users/${user}; then sed -i s/^RS=paper_lantern$/RS=x3/ /var/cpanel/users/${user}; fi; done And it ...

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