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I was finally able to solve this problem. Which means that it seems that I found a solution, but I'm not still sure what the problem is: 1) pull container from registry 2.0 + run with docker 1.6 -> fail 2) pull container from registry 0.9.x (either Docker's own or the Artifactory server that we run internally) + run with docker 1.6 -> works 3) pull ...


I recommend to check authorities on ./ssh and userĀ“s home directory, on key file and on authorized_keys file, as noone else then owner should be allowed to write and read there if you want ssh passwordless connection to work. That concerns both source and target machines. To be honest, sometimes it works even if there are bigger rights, but it should not.


You may need to use semanage port -m -t http_port_t -p tcp 6379 If semanage is missing then add the package policycoreutils-python yum install policycoreutils-python


You should use a non well-known port, something above 1024.

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