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The obvious thing to do is to use double quotes. ExecStart="/home/cobra/my service/start.sh" You also should get rid of the start.sh script and move any necessary logic into the unit.


I was facing the same issue, actually the chef 11 server relies on the action :status to start the service. Hence like action start and stop in your script you would also require action status, Which shall return the current status of the script.


Old post, but could be useful to someone else: I had exactly that trouble, and solved updating time on vmware host (and rebooting exchange). Note: time sync from hypervisor was deactivated, and exchange server (after booting up) showed no time skew with DC.


There are cloud solutions for this... And of course, old-school monitoring solutions that also calculate these percentages. OpenNMS does this quite well. Sample message: All services are down on node General - ppro. New Outage records have been created and service level availability calculations will be impacted until this outage is resolved.

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