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Some services, such as IIS, are built with the ability to read a bitmask from the registry and use that to set their own CPU affinity when they start, but that is not a feature of every service. I would probably create a task that is set to fire on an event, and the event would be "MyService service is started" ... in the System event log. The task would ...


Since port 80/443 are system ports, meaning they can only be used by privileged users I think you have it wrong. Anyone can use these ports. Binding to them is a privileged operation. The rationale here is that some user Joe shouldn't be able to write a malicious web server and then make some host on which he doesn't have any administrative rights. Of ...


There are basically two different approaches: Initially start running as root, bind to the privileged port, and then drop down to an unprivileged user. inetd, or xinetd runs privileged, and forwards the requests to web server running unprivileged.


Joel, Please review this one: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178142(v=sql.105).aspx I think the domain users do not have the login as a service right. Best, -Iulian

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