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This script works for restarting the service. I'm having the same issue with the transport service. I have to do this every hour now. sc stop MSExchangeTransport sc stop MSExchangeEdgeSync timeout /t 10 sc start MSExchangeEdgeSync sc start MSExchangeTransport


The File System has an API that allows monitoring of changes to files, which your service can use to listen for events. See the link below for some details and considerations. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4205643/how-to-handle-web-config-contents-update-event-how-to-detect-that-web-config-h IIS has a configuration auditing feature, which may also be ...


Dennis pointed me in the right direction. In the comments I can't clearly show what worked out for me, so I'll answer my question based on his input. Backup & edit /etc/fstab. Added: tmpfs /path/to/mount/point tmpfs rw 0 0 Backup & edit /etc/init.d/mysql. I have put my code at the beginning of sanity checks, before [start|stop] cases: ...


You could use a service script yourself (good) or include it in the mysql script (temp. workarround, ugly, wont work after updates.) something like /etc/init.d/mysql should exist. then you would search for start and before mysql is actually started you would add your part of the script. (might differ a bit with newer versions though) on one of my hosts ...

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