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The first step would be looking at all log files, in particular /var/log/syslog. Without any information my guess would be that it is an out-of-memory condition. Any service (including ssh) would stop, ping is pretty much the only service still working because it is directly handled by the kernel.


From the error log, it looks like your nginx config. file has a listen directive with an explicit ip address: listen a.b.c.d:443 This means that nginx won't start unless your network interface is up and the IP a.b.c.d has been assigned to the interface. You have two options: change the listen directive to: listen 443; (bind to all ip addresses) make ...


Defining multiple Server elements in a single server.xml isn't supported. That it works at all is somewhat surprising. You should be using separate Tomcat instances for each of those Server elements. Once you use separate Tomcat instances, restarting an individual Server is as simple as restarting the instance. For lower level components (Engine, Host ...

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