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As discussed in the comments, local group policy is blocking the winrm quick config from creating http listener on the server - to solve this conflict. connect to the remote server run the group policy editor (start >> run >> gpedit.msc) Expand Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Remote Management, and then select ...


Ubuntu Upstart Cookbook has an answer for this: If a job specifies respawn, but you want to delay the respawn for some reason, simply use a post-stop stanza: respawn exec mydaemon post-stop exec sleep 10 Now, every time mydaemon exits with a non-zero return code, the job will sleep for 10 seconds before Upstart restarts it. For a real ...


I think systemd wants me to use Wants instead of Requires. From the manual: Requires= Configures requirement dependencies on other units. If this unit gets activated, the units listed here will be activated as well. If one of the other units gets deactivated or its activation fails, this unit will be deactivated. [...] Often, it is a better choice ...


Is there a well defined/known amount of time that a shutdown must take at the most? No.


Make sure the user running php has the sudo privileges to reload php5-fpm, then: shell_exec("nohup sh -c 'sleep 1; sudo reload php5-fpm' > /dev/null 2>&1 &");


If you've arrived here, chances are you have two services where one depends upon the other but, because they're starting in the wrong order, the one with the dependency is failing to start. Suggestions about editing the symlinks are informative, in terms of illustrating how the startup sequence runs, and would work alright until someone did a "chkconfig on" ...

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