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[EDIT] Yes I believe it is possible, but I also believe not with openssh: Here is how I chroot sftp using openssh: I put sftp users in a special group sftponly which is identified in the sshd_config file. I make sure sftp users have no shell (so they can't log in with ssh) and use the .%h environment variable to force them into a sftp chroot subdir named ...


Use SSH protocol version 2. 1 & 2 use different private key formats, SSH 1 is also almost 10 years old.


You can use option -d of sftp which changes the starting directory for you. See sftp-server(8) manual page: -d start_directory specifies an alternate starting directory for users. The pathname may contain the following tokens that are expanded at runtime: %% is replaced by a literal '%', %h is replaced by the home directory of the user being ...


There exist alternative SFTP implementations that can be used together with OpenSSH: http://www.greenend.org.uk/rjk/sftpserver/ https://github.com/mysecureshell/mysecureshell

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