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WinSCP uses PuTTY code internally. So there should not be any difference in an encryption algorithm selected. Though WinSCP employs some optimizations on top of the PuTTY code, particularly larger internal and network buffers. That helps in certain cases to achieve a better throughput. Some references: http://winscp.net/tracker/show_bug.cgi?id=615 ...


It seems that your NAS can be configured to perform remote backups (which appears to be what you want). This line is of interest ... It can also be a third-party NAS compatible with rsync. In your case, the remote debian server should be considered a NAS. I expect you can configure rsyncd on it and then configure the NAS to use it as a target.


I answered this same question on Stack Overflow. s3fs is indeed a reasonable solution, and in my case, I've coupled it with proftpd with excellent results, in spite of the theoretical/potential problems. At the time I wrote the answer, I had only set this up for one of my consulting clients... but since then, I've also started drinking my own kool-aid and ...

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