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WAP must be domain joined when publishing applications that use Windows Integrated Authentication. This link describes the requirements, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8dfd483f-faf5-4a99-a590-0081623cad08#BKMK_AD. To use claims based applications you are not required to domain join the WAP server.


It is possible, one way to do this is: 1) Create a one-way trust from your CustomersDomain to your InternalDomain. 2) Install your SharePoint farm in the CustomersDomain. Because there is a trust between the domains, internal users will be able to connect to it as well. 3) Configure your DNS, firewalls, reverse proxies & co to route traffic to your ...


REM - Save this in a .BAT file and set up a scheduled task that runs it periodically. REM - This will recycle the SharePoint Timer Service, and also log it in the Event Viewer. EVENTCREATE /T INFORMATION /L APPLICATION /ID 777 /D "Starting scheduled task: SP timer restart." net stop SPTimerV4 net start SPTimerV4 if %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 ( EVENTCREATE /T ...

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