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This error ended up being directly related to SharePoint, and having multiple types of authentication enabled (i.e. forms auth and windows auth). The remedy ended up being that you must use a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) to authenticate against the server, then keep the browser open so you're credentials remain in tact. After this, you will be able to ...


do not "network" map it open cmd and type subst Z: d:\local\path\to\your\share\ that will do what you wish for :)


This video should explain exactly what you are looking to accomplish. Same thing I was trying to do with my site + subsites that are all part of the same site collection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TntwRm78b_4


Microsoft provides a helpful guide on TechNet for repairing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows Small Business Server 2011. You can complete the following repair steps without deleting any existing data: Repair the SharePoint Foundation 2010 Domain Name System Repair user access to the internal website Repair user access to SharePoint Foundation 2010 ...

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