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I've been generating a library to use for sharepoint online, so I've been writing hundreds of these small tasks lately, but basically you'll need to use CSOM commands. first, download the sharepoint server 2013 client context SDK. Then make sure you include the DLL in your code: Import-Module 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server ...


A better option would be to utilize the OneDrive sync client. The token expires on the server side so you have to re-authenticate, and there is not a way to increase that time. The sync client will handle this request for you, and the folders are available in windows explorer like a mapped drive is. If you want to keep using mapped drive you will need to ...


I've always had trouble with the old OneDrive for Business client, users stopped syncing completely because of file conflicts and I was always forced to remove/fix/resync the entire local folders. Things can't get any better after switching to the new OneDrive for Business Next Generation client, not a single error over 2 months of use. Check it out here: ...


Once you view the page source and search for "var g_wsaSiteTemplateId" you will find a code, such as STS#0 or STS#1 etc... to find out what the template code means you can look at:

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