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This was probably due to .ssh directory or user's home directory not having the correct permissions. Re-creating the users likely fixed that.


The code samples on that site are erroneous. They have certain shell characters replaced with HTML entities. The quotes also seem to be in the wrong places. I wonder if the author ever looked at that page when writing it... Once we fix that, and then check to see if the first of the month is in two days rather than one... 0 23 27-30 * * [ $(date +\%d -d "2 ...


I had to export more variables, to be the same as in ec2-user environment. I defined a new script ec2-backup.sh as below: #!/bin/sh export EC2_HOME=/opt/aws/apitools/ec2 export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jre export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=... export AWS_SECRET_KEY=... export ...


The output redirection is happening on the local machine. You need to quote the command to protect the >>.


ntpdate utility connects to the NTP server ntp.jst.mfeed.ad.jp, get the current time and set the local time closely to it. It's like you correct the time on your watches according to the radio signal.


It will set the time using ntp.jst.mfeed.ad.jp as source NTP server. man ntpdate

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