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Go to the eventviewer, search for logon and logoff security events, right click on it and add a task for this event which sends an email. Its the best way.


There are SuperMicro servers, which have battery inside. And there are SSDs with supercap, like Intel's PLI technology. Edit: After quick googling I found this internal UPS. It looks dated, but may very well still be in production.


I have a feeling you may not like this answer, but THIS answer includes some insight none of the others consider. . . You write: I always used the command: shutdown -r now However, sometimes that causes MySQL issues. The problem here is NOT your method of shutdown, is the piece of software that can't handle a shutdown properly; MySql. The ...


It depends on how your configured your Virtual machines. If you have your VMs configured to 'Turn OFF', then shutting down the host OS would be close to equivalent to pulling the power from the VMs. If your VMs are configured this way, and you want them to safely shutdown, then you need to shut them down first. You could also use the other options like ...


In my tests, no, the VM's do not need to be shut down. I actually tested this by having notepad open on a VM, with unsaved text, then restarted the host. The VM came back up with the notepad open, with the text there. I think under HyperV settings there is a default option to 'do this to VM when restarting'

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