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Common issue, make sure that you Disable Source/Destination Check on the instance ( right click -> Networking -> Change Source Dest. Check ) You'll only need to do this on the Vyos box. You also don't really need a second interface. You could create a second subnet and on that route table for that subnet make the 0/0 route point to the Vyos instance if ...


After a lot of manpage reading I figured it out: I was missing the iroute directive in the OpenVPN server configuration. After adding these entries to the config it worked: server.ovpn client-config-dir ccd route ccd\client iroute


I answer myself and hope it'll help someone someday. Rule n°1 : to check your MTU, this site http://www.letmecheck.it/mtu-test.php ain't worth a good "ping -f 1500 hostip". Rule n°2 : when performing a test to find the good MTU, remember to ping a host located at the other side of the tunnel and not only a website like google or fb :o Rule n°3 : always ...


I notice that you have mentioned that you've successfully established a site-to-site VPN, but you haven't listed its interface in your post - basically you want to alter your default gateway to the VPN gateway interface on the Cisco in your configuration as above (not your WAN IP).

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