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Each server needs to have both AD DNS servers listed in the DNS client settings, but the primary should be a remote AD DNS server IP and the secondary should be the local IP, but not localhost. Also, make sure in your DNS server properties that it is binding to all IP addresses. DO this for both AD servers. More Info: ...


I first had to repair pasettings.edb and because I deleted mail.que I had to recover the whole folder for the queue file to match the logs, restarted MSExchange Transport and everything was back to normal.


There is a walkthrough on cleaning up the Sender Reputation Database pasettings.edb here. (http://exchangeserverpro.com/event-id-454-and-17003-a-corrupt-sender-reputation-database-causes-exchange-server-2007-transport-service-to-stop/) The long and short is (cause the link above might disappear) 1) run integrity check "eseutil /g pasettings.edb" 2) attempt ...

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