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The Mushkin spec page says it is SandForce powered. The SSD life left if that is indeed the attribute has no direct relation to the other values. There may or may not be another problem. The thing is that the SSD life left only counts the number of writes done to the NAND and compares it to the specified limit for that NAND, so if the NAND is specified for ...


When ruggedized hard drive purpose-built technologies like RDX exist... This seems silly to worry about the handling of the drive. If it really is a problem, are you sure it's not a people issue? If it DOES require a technological solution, Google "ruggedized hard drive". There are plenty of options in the consumer and enterprise realms for this.


While it may make sense to use an external HDD to transfer from your onsite location to your offsite location, you should not be using an external HDD as your offsite backup.


No, the test does not continue after the first bad sector is detected. From smartctl man page: selftest - [ATA] prints the SMART self-test log. The disk maintains a self-test log showing the results of the self tests, which can be run using the '-t' option described below. For each of the most recent twenty-one self-tests, the log shows the type of test ...

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